It's A Sign

It's a sign. . . shining brightly above our green bay windows, towering, over our friendly storefront and illuminating over Pacific Avenue for each passerby to admire.

What used to be Noah's Bagels has now been home to our cozy shop, Buttercup Cakes & Farm House Frosting for over two years. Every morning, our crisp prosciutto and cheese pastries bubble in the oven, mini cupcakes are topped with the freshest berries and our friendly staff brews Alta Organic Coffee. The only thing missing has been our incredible sign. 

Photograph by:  Amanda Taylor Photography

But the wait is over. Our new sign made by Dominic Boinich and Katrina King from Five Feet from the Moon was installed this morning, Friday, April 13th. Local sign company Northwest Signs, Inc. rolled up their sleeves, pulled out a few ladders and installed our custom sign. Our sign couldn't be more perfect.

Photograph by:  Amanda Taylor Photography

I'm sure you've seen our entryway mosaic - our Buttercup Cakes moon shimmers in a ripple of blue tiled waves. Now, the moon in our sign reflects into the blue tile water just as the moon does in the evening on waters surface.  Thank you Beth Purcell for our mosaic. 

Buttercup Cakes Moon shines over Pacific Avenue.

Buttercup Cakes Moon shines over Pacific Avenue.

Katrina King, designer,  5 Feet From The Moon  and son

Katrina King, designer, 5 Feet From The Moon and son

Katrina and son visited to admire their hard work. With her spectacular eye, Katrina formed the steel roses into a trailing vine. 

Photography by:  Amanda Taylor Photography

And to tie it all together, today happens to be Carren's birthday. Happy Birthday Carren :) 

We would like to thank Mayor David Terrazas for helping us with our variance, John Dixon for his love and support, and everyone else who helped make it happen. Thank you to our staff and loyal customers who waited patiently.

Visit us, 1411 Pacific Avenue, downtown Santa Cruz to see our new sign and enjoy a treat. Stay tuned for our May First Friday with 5 Feet From The Moon.