—  Cake & Cupcakes—


Fresh. Local. Natural.

Cupcake Pricing:

$2.25 per mini cupcake
$4.5o per regular size cupcake
Frosting: $20 for 20 oz
4" Smash Cake, 6", 9", 12"..
Call for pricing and appropriate size for your party!

We are proud to offer vegan, gluten free, soy/nut free options as well as all-organic upon request.




— Triple Orange —
Earl Grey Frosting on
Blood Orange Cake (Pictured above)

— Double Chocolate Eloise —
Fudge Puddle Frosting on
Chocolate Eloise Cake 

—  Coconut Joy   —
Vegan Dark Chocolate cake with vegan Coconut frosting, wrapped in coconut and topped with a chocolate silk star.   

—  Strawberry Cream —
(Gluten Free & Vegan) 
Vegan Strawberry and Chocolate Silk Frosting on Gluten Free & Vegan Chocolate Cake 

House Flavors

— Lemon Lavender —
Vanilla Almond Cake with Deerhaven Farms Lavender baked inside, topped with Lemon frosting

— Bramble —
Raspberry-Rose and Moonbeam Cream on Vanilla Almond Cake

Vegan Flavors

—  Chocolate Almond Maple —
Vegan Chocolate cake with rich Almond-maple and chocolate frosting 

Gluten Free Flavors

—  Horchata —
Gluten-free Cinnamon/Vanilla/Rice cake with Cinnamon infused Moonbeam Cream.  


— Mocha —
Kaffee Klatsch Frosting on
Bitter Chocolate Cake (Pictured above)

— Hibiscus Flower —
Moonbeam Cream & Hibiscus Frostings on Chocolate Eloise Cake 


— Fruit Basket —
Blood Orange cake with Strawberry frosting, topped with fresh fruit.

—  Carrot Ginger —
Gluten-free Carrot Ginger cake with Moonbeam Cream, topped with candied ginger bits


Seasonal Flavors

— The Barnacle —
Vanilla-Almond cake, frosted with rich Chocolate Fudge Puddle and topped with toasted almonds.

— Banana Cream —
Fluffy, classic Banana cake frosted with Moonbeam cream and topped with a banana chip.

Chelsey+Pete_0201 (1).jpg

— out-of-season flavors—

Available upon request - one dozen cupcake order minimum.



— Coconut Mango —
Coconut cake with Mango frosting, wrapped in coconut and topped with Hibiscus flower

— Gluten-Free Lemon Rosemary —
Rosemary infused lemon cake with fresh lemon frosting

— German Chocolate (pictured on left) —
German chocolate cake with coconut-pecan caramel frosting

— Vanilla Lavender —
Lavender infused vanilla cake with Moonbeam Cream Frosting topped with fresh lavender sprigs

— The Elvis —
Fluffy banana cake with peanut butter frosting, garnished with a fudge puddle star

— Banana Split —
Fluffy banana cake topped with Moonbeam Cream, fudge puddle frosting, caramel, peanuts and a maraschino cherry

— Snowball —
Coconut cake paired with a vanilla-coconut frosting, rolled in coconut flakes

— Vegan Tuxedo —
Vegan dark chocolate cake with vegan vanilla bean frosting topped with a raspberry


— Blackberry Basil —
Vanilla cake with a fresh blackberry center, frosted with a basil cream, star of moonbeam cream and a fresh blackberry

—  Bee Blossom —
Lemon-ginger cake with honey frosting garnished with crystallized ginger bits

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