Afternoon Tea

Join us for afternoon tea on Saturday and Sundays from 11a - 3:30pm
Please see below to make a reservation.

—  Cream Tea  —
Scones, lemon curd, fruit preserves, fresh whipped cream & pot of tea. 

—  Classic Savory Tea—
Fruit salad & a pot of tea

Served with scones and creamed butter blossom
and Choose Three of the Following


— Classic Cucumber Delight—
Herb cream cheese, cucumber & mint on artisan bread

— Radish Delight  (Vegan)
Avocado, watermelon radish and dill on baguette

— Itty Bitty BLT
candied bacon, butter lettuce, tomato and mayo on sweet french bread

— Waldorf Chicken Salad  —
Apple, cranberry, celery and mayo chicken salad served on squaw bread

—  Pretty in Pink   
smoked salmon, herbed cream cheese, pickled watermelon radish and lemon zest on sweet french bread

— Humming to the Beet (GF/Vegan) —
Cucumber rounds with beet hummus, avocado and carrot ribbons

—Field Quiche —
Sautéed vegetables, farm fresh eggs, cream and cheddar

—Soup Du Jour —


Last but not least..
A variety of dessert options to choose from


- A tea service charge of 18% will be automatically added to your final receipt - 

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